The Storks of Böbs

The Storks of Böbs
A Very Fine Pair

Circumnavigation of the Baltic 9


We arrived in Vaasa after a smooth drive through the pleasant Finish countryside, both forested and the farmland with its pretty red oxide houses and outbuildings (red oxide paint manufacturers must be making a mint). The way to the campsite is well signposted it is just a little way out of the town centre on a small island; it is also the same island that has the ferry terminal on it so no problems there.

The bridge to the Isles

Linda booking us in.
We got to the campsite and were given the pick of the site, we were amazed as it was the start of the Midsummer celebrations and had thought it would be fuller. We found a nice even pitch quite close to the toilets and showers, checked out the Sat position, perfect, first time. The Wi-Fi reception for anything except e-mails was useless. I would prefer to pay and have a good reception, than have a useless free one.

It was a fine sunny afternoon, we sat in the sun, well Linda did, I went and had an afternoon nap. We then had a look around the campsite, it was all very well equipped, with all mod cons, alas as today was a public holiday, the pub and restaurant was closed, though all the BBQs were in full swing and the locals were having a great time.

We even met Anna a Belorussian from Minsk, she had been married to a Swede and spoke about six languages, she was also dressed in national costume and was there with her daughter enjoying herself.

We sat and chatted for a while then it was time for a bite of supper, we had the remains of the meatballs, spareribs and added some fresh pasta and what with a G&T and a glass of Pink.

We were spending 2 days on this site and there was quite a bit of goings on, the natives sitting up drinking well into the early hours (I went to the loo at 03:00 and they were still up and enjoying themselves). Next morning we got up and showered, after breakfast we decided to head out along the coast, it is very pretty low lying arable land with the odd village here and there. 

We headed for a small fishing harbour called Malax, this was full of fishing huts and small fishing boats all very idyllic and pretty, we returned a little way and went to see a boat museum, but ended up at a smashing restaurant perched on the side of a small boat/fishing harbour. We had an excellent meal I had seared chicken breast topped with toasted goats cheese and a nice salad (help yourself). Linda had a smoked salmon Cesar salad also very nice.

Above the inlet a Red Kite (Merlan) was hunting all the time being mobbed by Fieldfares

We returned back to Vaasa and filled up with diesel as we had heard that it was more expensive in Sweden. The weather had turned inclement, in fact bloody miserable so it was back to the campsite, watched a bit of TV and opened a tin of Lentil soup sliced some Wieners into it and enjoyed life (a pink was in order). We hit the sack early as there was an interesting archaeological programme on TV; it was about the discovery of a submerged village in the Fens of East Anglia, very interesting indeed. One of the lead diggers was Phil Prior who was also a lead producer on Time Team.

Next morning up very early, 05:00, everything disconnected, packed and secured, we were at the ferry port at 06:00, first in line, we waited and at about 06:30 along came the lassie to check our paperwork and camper length, then it was in line to wait for boarding, it never does matter when you arrive, you will always be loaded last. We had booked business lounge (free coffee and biscuits and no roaming kids), so an inquiry at the inquiry, told us it was one deck higher, code in and there were 16 plush leather seats, dividing tables and separate Wi-Fi, this worked perfect in port, but once on the high seas was not a lot of good.
So it was out into the Bottnian Sea(top end of the Baltic Sea) and off to Umea and Sweden.

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