The Storks of Böbs

The Storks of Böbs
A Very Fine Pair

Circumnavigation of the Baltic 8

 Ferry to Helsinki
We awoke to the sound of rain pitter pattering on the roof of the camper, needed also to do a bit of pitter pattering so got up and pitter pattered. I then decide that as I was up may as well do something useful so I got out my laptop and resized a load of photos and finished off writing up the blog in word. We decided we would get down to the ferry early and get topped up with diesel and fill up the reserve canister.
The ferry terminal is only about 3 km from the campsite, it is an absolute central site, but it is better to book ahead, we didn’t and got the last pitch. The toilets are quite within the norm, but Linda found the showers not to her liking, I do not mind communal showering (open fronted) burt then having been many years a boy scout, more than 50% of my life in football teams and also sauntered for the past 40 years, seeing naked men, or for that matter women, showering hold no surprises for me.

We filled up the tank and the reserve canister and then got in to the filter row for the ferry, ours was due at 10:30, you are expected to be there 1 hr before, but Linda insists on being punctual, super punctual so we were one of the first there.

When they opened the lanes we were straight through and put into row number one, not that means you will be first on board, which we were not. Eventually the ferry arrived and its cargo both human and vehicular traffic was discharged on the quayside. It took ages, the 10:30 ferry is the one that the Fins use for their shopping trips, they arrive in the morning and spends the day shopping in Tallinn before, stocking up with booze for the return evening crossing.

We eventually got loaded and got a seat in the bistro, we got some food and a coffee, it wasn’t all that good and we both had all day to suffer with it. Linda bought a bottle of gin for the rest of the trip. I nodded off for 30 minutes and the we were informed that we would soon b discharging, down into the Camper and we were soon on our way through Helsinki on our way to the City Campsite. It is quite a way out of town and you need your whit’s about you as it is all through city traffic, but in the main the natives (and tourists) are friendly. We arrived at the campsite, and it is a very nicely laid out with all mod-cons, only the Wi-Fi leaves something to be desired , you can only get it in the TV room and even there it isn’t great. Our pitch was situated at not far from the toilets and showers and was what man calls in camping site parlance A1.

We had a walk around the site, it has a restaurant, but it is closed for renovation so no food there eve the way down to the beach was closed, it started to rain so we headed back to the Camper.
We were both not feeling too clever, still suffering from our on-board food, so we opened a tin of ALDI vegetable soup and added a few Wiener, It was far better than it sounds. I had a bit of a sleep and Linda done a bit of clothes washing.

I awoke much refreshed, we decided not to go into Helsinki, though the Metro is just outside the camp and you are 20 minutes in the city. We went to a local shop and got a few odds and ends.
We returned and I decided to do a bit on my blog, this took a good 2 hours as the connection was snail pace.
I gave up in the end, returned to the camper and Linda made a nice ham and tomato sandwich for our supper, it was time for bed as tomorrow we had a longer (in distance) to our next campsite.

We were up, showered, disconnected and on the road for 08:00, there was little traffic on the road and as it was 200km motorway ( in top condition) even the last 50km was in perfect condition even though we travelled through wonderful landscape as we travelled through the central Finish lake district. We did turn off hoping to have a break, even though it was 10:30 it was still shut,

We travelled on and found a shop, stopped, and bought some victuals for later. We carried on and eventually arrived at our campsite.

Quite wonderful it sits on its own island in the middle of a lake, we got booked in, were given free pick of the pitches and got ourselves settled. It was about midday so we decided to make lunch, it was to be spaghetti with meat balls in a tomato sauce. This we washed it down with a couple of glasses of pink (the new one bought in Tallinn).

Though the weather had been threatening all manner of nasty things, except for a few spots of rain, it had brightened up and we walked around the island, it isn’t  all that big but what they have they use well. It is obviously a place that anglers frequent (photos of monster perch, pike and zander hanging from the walls in the coffee bar that overlooks the lake), it is also a family place as the kids are well catered for (peddle cars, slides and small enclosures holding Llamas, Skerri sheep and Donkeys.

There is a restaurant with dance area complete with stage (alas closed, so unable to invite Linda for a Pala’s Glide). The I went onto one of the bathing stages and took a few photo’s,

Great Crested Grebes, Gold Eyes and Artic Terns. I went to the reception and tried to get a better connection, the lady gave me a pass word but obviously she wasn’t in the know as it didn’t work either.
So we went back to the van, Linda had an idea and made us a G&T and we watched a bit of news from back home, nothing much happening there, except that you were all melting in a 30° plus heat wave and we are a cool 20°.
I fixed up our collapsible ALDI BBQ, lit it up and while that was happening Linda put on some new spuds and the last of the asparagus (they do suit her), Spare Ribs were the order of the day, that and a nice cool pink (the box fits perfectly in the front of the door). I would have said that we watched the sun go down, but it doesn’t at midnight it is still perfectly light and also at 01:00 as I got up to go to the loo and took a photo (not of the loo you fools).

Up next morning and in no hurry at all, as we were travelling only 82km to our next resting place. We travelled through forests and farm lands, passing along lakes at regular intervals. As we hadn’t have breakfast (I don’t and Linda has followed suit), we decided to pop into a rest place, the sign said 1.5 km along the road so along the road we went at the end was a very nice looking restaurant, it was sited overlooking a smashing lake. Alas it was closed and as it was only 10:00 and opening time was midday, we had to make do with the view.

Our next stop was a small, but well stopped supermarket in a small unassuming town called Killinkoski, we bought some bread that we needed and some other things that we most likely didn’t. It was only another 20 minutes and following the signs we soon arrived at the Zoo, attached to Zoo is the campsite, it is near the small town of Ähtari, it is on the shores of a lake (nothing amazing about that as Finland is covered with lakes both small and monstrous ones). Large, spacious pitches, an exceptional reception area that includes a small shop (obviously aimed at the smaller guests) a hot imbiss bar and on that afternoon the pizza ovens were coming on line.
We were informed that WiFi was available all over the site, alas as normal it is not so, we were not far from the reception area and got a very weak signal. But as we had not eaten and it was only 11:00, it was time for a spot of breakfast, we had eggs, bacon, beans and tomatoes, so what could be better out came the frying pans and soon a sizzling breakfast was being served up, this camping life can be cushy if you want.

After breakfast we went for a short walk through the complex, it has many wooden cabins varying in size from small 2 person single room, up to large 2 story family ones with their own sauna and hot tubs.
This is a very large site (300 touring pitches), but it doesn’t seem overcrowded with plenty of space between the sites.
I went to the café area, had a coffee and was able to put the photos onto my blog about Tallinn and publish it. (I wonder when this one will be published).

We had decided that, that evening we would dine out and go and have a pizza, it was not the best decision of our trip, it was rubbish, I only at 1/3 of mine and Linda left the crusts (burnt black).
It was midsummer, the longest day, alas it was cold and not at all nice so it was an early night for us.

Tomorrow the city and port of Vaasa was our objective and from then onwards to Sweden.

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