The Storks of Böbs

The Storks of Böbs
A Very Fine Pair

Day 4 down to the Iberian Peninsular (San Sebastian)

San Sebastian (Spain)

We left our very nice campsite at about 09:30 and headed towards the Spanish border, we had aimed at shopping and getting some diesel in France, but as luck had it we hadn’t, we crossed the border and straight away found a Supermarket with a filling station, this supermarket catered for the cross-border trade everything was cheaper and not just cents. We spent a good hour there, we even had lunch in a very nice corner caff called Korner café. The weather had turned a tadge parky and as we crossed the Atlantic Pyrenees, the low cloud slowed the pace of things down, but we found our way to the campsite, but our Sat Nav took us what may have been the shortest but also the most hair-raising route to the campsite.

We got set up on a great pitch just next to the ablutions etc, and it had a great Wi-Fi connection, the best yet and free. I managed to get my last blog finished and published and also some photos attached to the previous days blogs.

We got up and ready, we were waiting at the barrier when it opened, drove into town. Passing pilgrims mainly in pairs but sometimes in groups of three or four as they trudged their way to Santiago de Compostela the end of their Journey.

Some would be just starting in San Sebastian others, the die hards would have taken the century old Pilgrim routes through there own countries. I know that some hardy folks have started out in our own city of Lübeck, better them than I, it is hard enough in a camper,

We found a great parking spot with the help of the Parking Warden, only cost €3,- for 6 hours, right beside the University. We then jumped onto the bus that took us right into town.

We got off at a very nice church and walked down to the seafront.

Along the front to the Town Hall, a quiet splendid building in a orange sandstone.

We then made our was to the Tourist Information Office and the very helpful young lady told us what was worth seeing, luckily enough it was right next to one of the main covered markets. 
A shellfish stand amongst other things

Bacalau in every shape and form

we spent a few minutes until the need  to use a WC drove us into the Market Bistro, we decided that as we were using their facilities we may as well have breakfast, two cups of coffee and two Spanish Omelettes later we returned to visit the rest of the market stalls.

After we had, had our fill of eyeing up the cheeses, pâtés, hams, sheep’s heads, sides of Beef, salted cod and fresh fish in every shape and size, today we were only looky-looky not buying.

We left the market and then walked the wonderful streets in the old town, wonderful Tapas Bars with their wonderful array of delicacies. We walked down to the Fish Quay, passing on the way the start of many a pilgrim’s journey, the church of the Virgin Mary.

We went through the arched portico, alas the fish-quay buildings were in a state of renovation and in a state of demolition, also the restaurants were not yet open for lunch, as I needed a toilet pronto (usual problem at midday) and the public toilet was locked, we retraced our steps and hit the best Tapas Bar in town (or so they say). It had a wonderful selection of Tapa goodies, Linda only wanted a salad, but you don’t come to the best Tapas Bar in town and therefore Spain and the World (or so they say) and not eat from the wonderful array set out on the bar.
Half of my selection

I had six of the best, wonderful, quite wonderful. I had spiced mussel, glass eels (I know I shouldn’t, but the devil got the better of me) prawn salsa topped with a prawn, a deep-fried minced pork fritter, a cracked rice salsa topped with a quail’s egg and a grilled slice of green pepper topped with fillets of sardines and egg.

 It was now time to head out to Santander to our next campsite, in a small village called Santaillana del Mar, this is on the Pilgrim route. It was 17:30 when we arrived, a notice informed that any one arriving after the reception was closed, just find a pitch and pay the next morning. This we did, the weather was not at all nice, a bit like a summer day in the UK, rain, drizzle and mist (though I have heard that they have had a heat wave).  So, after an inspection of the sanitary installations (all tickety boo) and confirming that the restaurant was closed. I headed back to the camper and we had our evening meal consisting of crackers, cheeses and cold cuts of meat, mine washed down with a couple of glasses of beer. I wrote up my blog and reduced the size of the photos that I had selected and then it was time to put out the light and sleep. Night-Night folks.

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