The Storks of Böbs

The Storks of Böbs
A Very Fine Pair

Circumnavigation of the Baltic 1

Around the Baltic Days 1 & 2

Having decided last year that we would have a holiday nearer home (we live with our feet almost in the waters of the Baltic)we decided on a trip around the it visiting the countries and cities of the Hansiatic League. To those of you not in the know, this was a league merchant adventurers that plied their trade around the Baltic and beyond. When I was at sea in a previous existence, even before my previous existence, this had been my last trip before being forcibly retired from sea, I smashed my Knee cap in a North Sea storm while crossing the German Bight after leaving the Baltic Via the Kiel Canal (I think its original name of the Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal far better).

We set off at around 13:30 Linda having been at work in the morning, it was a very easy first leg of the journey as we were spending the first night on the Island of Usedom which is a well-known holiday destination both now and under its previous owners the DDR, prior to that under the National Socialists (NAZI’s)part of it had the site of the experimental and construction works for the retaliation weapons (Vergeltung Waffen) V1 the doodle bugs and later the V2 the Rockets. During the DDR regime this historic site had been allowed to go to waste, but now that it has been seen for what it is the place that was the  start of the space race (both the USA and Russia sent parts and personnel , even full rockets, as souvenirs back home to Uncle Sam and Uncle Joe. One of the top scientists a certain Dr Von Braun was later fated for his part in this (first by the bad Nazi’s  and later by the good Yank’s, times change ones perspective of good and bad).

We arrived on the Island without leaving the A20 Autobahn, missing the stretch of the Baltic that we had already done at the beginning of May, this included the Hansiatic Ports of Wismar, Rostock and Stralsund, We were luckily in the latter for the Herring days and the herring were certainly running that day, being caught in their hundreds by the busy anglers.

After leaving the A20 we then wound our way along the B111 passing through the small towns and villages of the Island, we found our destination for the night, the very well-kept Campingplatz Am Sandfeld. This busy campsite is frequented by permanent, long stay and us. The Gypsies  of the modern world. We got set up said hello to the neighbours, Linda inspected the toilets and showers, they got her nod of approval. She went and ordered our fresh rolls for the next day.
Our Pitch

The reception

The Ablutions

Setting up our pitch
We set the awning up got the chairs and table out and pulled a bottle of ALDI Pink out of the fridge and sat in the early evening sun and relaxed. We decided to have a walk to the nearest restaurant (100mtr), we had aimed at sitting outside, but alas all tables taken, so it was inside for us. Linda had Pollack and I ordered Labskaus, alas they had run out of Liverpudlians, so I settled for some Eingelegte Brathering with Bratkartoffel  (Fried soused herring and fried sliced potatoes), this is always one of my favourites in a fish restaurant when you fancy something ‘quick’ (in this case it wasn’t as of course they served ours together (compliment). I had a beer (Lübzer) and Linda an Alcohol free Hefeweizen to wash the fish down.
The restaurant is also a guest house with a row of nice looking bungalows attached, they also smoke their own fish and do a BBQ in summer season.

Returning to our Camper we settled down to watch the news about the strange goings on’s, on another Island not all that far away in the North Sea (the elections, my, my now who would of thought that?).
All of a sudden the other bit of news, this time bad, arrived from the North Sea a storm, we battened everything down and turned in for the night.

We were awake early, showered and breakfasted, I had a wander around the campsite and then got the camper ready to roll, we had decided to head off to the Peenemunde Museum site.
The Peenemunde museum site, with the powerstation that was still in use during the DDR times

These railway tracks are the tracks of death, they were used to bring the forced labour and raw materials into the Peenemunde weapons site and transport the finished articles out to the launch sites.

A V2 not on its original launch pad

A V1 sitting on a launch ramp also not in its original position

The V1 or as it was named in England "The Doodle Bug"

V2 head cones, 1 used and one slightly damaged

Werner and his mate posing for the camera

Some of the inner workings of the V1
The Bunker switch room now a souvenir shop (a far better use for it)

Next we headed to the ferry.

This would take us across the River Schweine and on along the Baltic coast heading towards Gdansk (Danzig) another of the old Hansiatic cities. We took the a more meandering route than we had originally planned so did not make it to our planned campsite, but that is the joy of a camper, the only destination is your final one. We ended up at a smashing site in a small holiday resort called Mielno.

2 Mielno to Gdansk (Danzig)
Mielno the is a holiday place on a thin spit of land that separates the Baltic from lake Jezioro Jamno. The lake and its shore-line is full with bird life and there is also lot of fish in the lake. On arrival in Mielno we found Camping Na Granicy the campsite without any problem (aren’t Sat Navs great?), it is situated right on the lake only separated by a gravel path, it has its own boat/angling pontoon alas I just didn’t have time to make use of it. It is a wonderful location and a very well kept grassed site, the front row pitches are numbered, but if you are willing to take pot luck the 2nd row are also very nice with full electric hook ups. The toilets and showers are in pristine condition and attached to the reception area, all in all a very well run campsite with all facilities and just a short walk into town and an even shorter one to a wonderful restaurant that cooks their food (meat and fish) in a wood fired oven. Linda had grilled halibut and I had lake trout both quite exquisite with a taste of dill and beech smoke.
Our evening meal sizzling away in the wood fired ovens

Our food, simple but very tasty, alas no vinegar!

All gone! Linda ordered a large beer when a small one would have done!
We walked along the shore path, we watched a couple of motorised Paragliders doing their things over the lake, fish turning lazily in the evening sun and the mallards and coots getting ready for bed, now that was a good idea!

I was up very early and showered at 06:00, while Linda was getting things ready and going to the shower. I walked along the shore and took some photos across the lake, when I returned breakfast was ready and I was able to drink my coffee, eat my soft boiled eggs and write up my blog, though alas unable to publish it as the sites WLAN is useless. Never mind today we are off to Gdansk so should be more successful there.

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