The Storks of Böbs

The Storks of Böbs
A Very Fine Pair

Gameburgers for the BBQ

Making Game-burgers on a rainy day while wishing for the sun.

This will make 10 good sized patties of approx. 130 g (quarter-pounder +)

You will require:
Red deer shoulder meat (removed of any sinew, silver skin and blood vessels)

Wild boar shoulder (nacken) diced.

Pass all the meat through a 3 mm holed plate on a mincer or roughly chop in a kitchen machine ( I always use a mincer as I find it gives me more control (you can pass it through twice if need be)

125 g of Schweine Mett (this will add a bit of fat to the burgers)

5 shallots , finely diced  and softened in rape seed oil, set aside and allow to cool.

Game Spices:
My own game spice mixture, consisting of ground,juniper berries, all spice berries, coriander seeds and smoked paprika, chopped rosemary, thyme and garlic powder.

I normally have this ready made, grinding in my spice grinder, but I had run out so used powdered material, it turned out quite well, not as good as the real thing but in a mixture like this it worked well.

Mix the meats together, add the herbs and spices and mix thoroughly.

Add the sauteed shallots and 1 liquor glass each of Noilly Prat and Tawney Port.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry a small pate of the mixture and if needed adjust the seasoning (salt and pepper).

Form the mixture into rounds about 9 cm  X 3 cm (I have rings that I use for this, meaning all are of an even diameter and thickness). Cover and allow to mature prior to BBQing or frying, they also freeze very well, so if you have made too many or it rains, freeze and wait for a sunny day.

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