The Storks of Böbs

The Storks of Böbs
A Very Fine Pair

A short revue of Ann (an Asian restaurant in Kiel)

Linda had been to a Japanese come Korean restaurant with some of her English speaking friends who meet up for a girlie's night out every so often. They had visited this restaurant previously and had extolled its virtues, she had been been talking about it with a few of our cookery club friends, so some of us decided to give it a lunch time bash.

The restaurant is situated on Holtenauer Straße at number 158, now Holtenauer Straße though wide and full of parking spaces, is not the easiest place to find a free one, but just around the corner is Blücherplatz and here you are sure to find a free space (unless it is market day).

We visited Ann on two separate occasions, once on the pre-planned Saturday lunch time and then a week later popping in on the off chance, on the way to see Les Misérable, at the Metro Cinema just a couple of doors down.

We had reserved a table for the Saturday lunch, so had no problems, though even if we hadn't we would have still got a table, as during the lunch it was never more than half full. The restaurant is quite small and the tables quite near to each other, I do not mind but can see that it would not make for a nice clandestine rendezvous or an intimate Te-ta-Te. I do not mind being close to others, but then I think that sushi bars are by their very nature quite intimate and sitting close and watching what your neighbour picks from the conveyor belt is part of the fun.

Ann does not have a conveyor belt and the Sushi is brought to the table by the very efficient waitress, but you can if you wish sit at the bar and watch while the Sushi chefs mesmerise you with their knife skills and their decorative detail.

On the Saturday lunchtime visit, Linda and I drank Green Tea and Kalle and Carolyn drank beer.  We all decided on a soup starter, Linda and Kalle ordered the Miso vegetable soup

 and both Carolyn and I settled for a Korean beef broth.

My beef broth was full bodied with lots of thinly sliced beef fillet in it, it was full of flavour and very, very tasty. Both Kalle and Linda said that their soup was also full of flavour.

When ordering, we had asked the lovely waitress, if the chef could make us a selection of various sushi, she said this was no problem at all. When it came it was a veritable display of colour, the slate having 2 different sorts of rolls (Maki), salmon and avocado, the rice adorned with fish (Nigiri) consisted of salmon, mackerel, sweet prawn, white fish and an egg omelet. It was of course accompanied by the pickled ginger (gari), wasabi, shredded mouli and carrot and finely sliced cucumber, it was all so nicely decorated that I thought it would be a shame to spoil it, but I soon put that thought out of my head.

It was all fantastically fresh, it showed the skill of a true artisan. We all agreed that it was excellent and said we would visit again (little did Linda and I know it would be within a week.)

A week later we had arranged to meet our friends Marianne and Carolyn to go and see Les Misérable at the Metro cinema, we had been out at our new flat to be, in Lübeck and decided to have a spot of supper before hand. We had tried  to get into Tan Tamar, a very good Thai restaurant just across the road, alas no room at the inn and no chance of squeezing us in so that we could be finished before 19:45 (film start). We therefore crossed the road and popped into see if Ann had any rooms at their inn. All tables either taken or reserved, we explained that we would be finished before 19:30 as we had booked for the cinema (well Marianne had).
On this proviso we got a table, we ordered from the menu this time and just a main course, Linda ordered the Hanoo a fiery assortment of inside out rolls and Nigiri

I plumbed for the Samuri, a selection of toasted Nigiri and inside out rolls adorned with flying fish roe and napped with a teri-yaki sauce.

It was a pity that we were in such a hurry, as I would have loved to have dallied a while longer, watching the Sushi chefs going about their business, the food was once again exquisite.
We will most certainly be visiting here again, before leaving Kiel.

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